About Us


Established in 2008, Zugo was created to bridge the gap between online search monetization solutions and online software and web publishers. Zugo’s innovative solutions not only provide online monetization opportunities, but also help to increase each brands awareness and audience reach.

Today, Zugo provides customized one-stop solutions to hundreds of partners and clients globally. Zugo provides these partners with multiple monetization options, powered by a variety of different search engine partners including Bing, Yahoo and Ask.

Zugo provides its partners with several innovative solutions including:

These solutions work on providing the optimal balance between user experience and monetization, based on flexible contractual terms that ensure minimum risk exposure.

Zugo’s work ethic is based on three core values:

These are the three pillars upon which Zugo has created its business, partner relationships and its core business strategy. In addition, our compliance team keeps a close eye on all distribution of our products and constantly tests them against our own Code of Conduct and industry standards.