What is Zugo?

Zugo provides innovative search based products that deliver clear monetization solutions for online publishers, content owners and distributors.

Zugo provides a number of search based products that can be easily distributed to your audience including:

  • Branded Start Pages
  • Branded Toolbars
  • Zugo StartNow Toolbar

Zugo works with leading search providers such as Bing, Yahoo and Ask.

Zugo provides its publishers with pay-per-install and competitive revenue sharing deals.

Features & Benefits

  • 100% Cost Free
  • Best Monetization
  • Fully Customizable
  • Multiple Search Providers
  • Compatible with IE & FF
  • No Malware or Spyware

Zugo's Toolbars

Our toolbars are light-weight and compatible with Internet Explorer and Firefox. It provides instant access to the best search results on the web, the latest news, links to popular sites, weather and much more.



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